What is the scope of Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric cardiology is a highly specialized sub-specialty of pediatrics.

Certain facts about pediatric cardiology

  • Unlike adults, heart disease in children are extremely rare.
  • Almost all the heart diseases in children are congenital, unlike in adults where most of the heart diseases are acquired.
  • Structural heart disease are common in children whereas adults tend to have problems in the cardiac vessels.
  • Pediatric cardiology requires state of the art facilities including lab and ICU. Well trained staff including nurses and technicians are required to take care of children with heart disease, most of whom are sick. Basically you need to work in a large corporate hospital or tertiary government hospital. It is difficult to practice from a room or a small clinic.
  • In India many parents are scared of treating their children with heart disease and neglect their care.
  • It is a challenging and busy specialty but very fulfilling because most congenital heart diseases can be permanently cured.

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